Okura Singapore and Qxpress: A Successful Partnership in Warehouse Automation Amidst Pandemic

Okura Singapore and Qxpress: A Successful Partnership in Warehouse Automation Amidst Pandemic

Okura Singapore and Qxpress: A Successful Partnership in Warehouse Automation Amidst Pandemic


In a remarkable testament to resilient cooperation and technological prowess, Qxpress Singapore and Okura Singapore have collaboratively weathered the challenges of Covid-19, demonstrating the power of synergy between customer-oriented automation solutions and efficient e-commerce logistics.

Qxpress, a trusted e-commerce logistics partner in Asia, is a business known for its commitment to efficiency and service reliability. However, the increased demands of a pandemic-afflicted world escalated the need for more sophisticated warehouse automation. Responding to this call nearly three years ago, Qxpress integrated an Automated Sorting Machine from Okura in their DPC warehouse, a leap that would prove significantly beneficial in the testing times to follow.

Navigating the Covid-19 era, Qxpress Singapore reported handling over one million parcels sorted per month via their Okura-integrated conveyor system. Amidst these challenging circumstances, the robust support from Okura Singapore was instrumental in ensuring the seamless operation of Qxpress’s logistics, effectively contributing to the company’s sustainability in the volatile market.

Okura Singapore’s commitment to its clients goes beyond the provision of excellent automation solutions. During the setup phase of the Automated Sorting Machine, Okura’s project team displayed exemplary dedication, working under tight schedules to ensure a successful commissioning.

Beyond the initial setup, the maintenance and IT teams from Okura provided commendable support to fine-tune the system and adapt to the evolving requirements of Qxpress. These efforts resulted in significant operational improvement, with the overflow rate being controlled at a minimal 1%, and substantial enhancements made to the DWS unit and Wheel sorter firmware.

Moreover, the IT support from Okura proved to be crucial, providing real-time assistance for sorting and in-house issues. Okura’s team didn’t just resolve problems; they used their expertise to provide concrete suggestions and feedback, helping Qxpress further improve their operations and minimize downtime.

The collaboration wasn’t just limited to technical support; Okura’s sales team also shone, assisting Qxpress in new project coordination and handling spare parts procurement, further reinforcing the strength of this partnership.

The successful partnership between Qxpress and Okura Singapore underscores the value of a customer-centric approach, strategic collaboration, and technological innovation. The resounding satisfaction of Qxpress’s management, coupled with their ongoing plans for future cooperation, speaks volumes about the trust and mutual respect at the core of this partnership.

In a world still adjusting to the ‘new normal’, this alliance between Qxpress and Okura Singapore sets a positive precedent for other businesses in the realm of automation and logistics. The journey of these two organizations reaffirms the power of technology, adaptability, and resilient cooperation in overcoming challenges and delivering outstanding service.